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Energy care


Care of Japanese origin meaning “strength of spirit”.
It allows to activate our natural resources and is practiced by imposition of hands on the body’s energy centers also call chakras, according to Indian philosophy.
Reiki allows deep relaxation, activates energy and relieves pain.

Duration: 60 min / 110 chf

Tuning forks

Fabien Maman developed a technique of care according to the principles of Chinese medicine by affixing the head of tuning forks (12 sounds corresponding to the organs) on the accupuncture points. The vibration of the selected note will reinforce or disperse the energy as needed.

Duration: 60 min / 110 chf


To clean your energetic bodies rigid forms of thought inherited from our ancestors, society or our negative experiences.

Can relieve:

  • anxieties and anxieties
  • the nightmares
  • radical behavioral changes
  • inexplicable pain in the body

Duration: 60 min / 110 chf