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How to prepare for a massage?

One to two hours in one of my two massage clinics in Valais, it goes very quickly! Here are some tips to prepare you for a most rewarding experience.
Nutrition and hydration before a massage

Drink lots of water to prepare your body to better eliminate toxins. Avoid alcohol and coffee before a massage, opt instead for a tea or herbal tea that provides a calming effect. No matter how much care you receive, eat lightly to keep your digestive system from being in action.

How to dress for a massage?

For more comfort before and after the session, it is preferable, but not essential, to wear light and stretchy clothing. If you have long hair, bring what you need to tie it up. Avoid jewelry, because they may affect the fluidity of my movements. If possible, choose shoes with flat soles, because high heels can affect the relaxation of your leg muscles.

The time of the meeting

For your first appointment, arrive a little early, because I will complete your health questionnaire and you do not want to encroach on the time of your massage or your treatment. In addition, this small advance will allow you to put yourself in a state of relaxation. Arriving in a panic because of a delay may spoil the first minutes of your massage. Don’t forget to go to the bathroom, especially if you’ve listened to my advice to drink lots of water!

Interview / communication

Before the massage or treatment, I will take a few minutes with you to review your health questionnaire and discuss your expectations. Now is the time to express your needs and let me know where you want me to work or avoid. If you have any fears or questions about the session, this is a good time to express them. This is an important step to receive a massage tailored to your needs.

Installation in my massage clinics in Valais

I will show you where to undress, where to put your personal belongings and how to get settled on the table. Depending on your comfort, you can keep your underwear or take it off. For women, it is best to remove the bra so that your back is easily accessible. Don’t worry, I’ve learned the techniques to only reveal the massaged area and keep you comfortable at all times.

During the massage

It is possible to adjust the volume of the music in my cabinet and to choose your musical atmosphere, just like the temperature of my room.

Let your worries go. Focus on your breathing, but especially on touch.

Finally, do not be shy to ask me for stronger, weaker pressure, or to tell me of any other discomfort during the session.

Good massage!



Deep Relaxation Massage, Shiatsu, Hawaiian, Rolfing and Trager

Energy Care

Reiki, deep relaxation and activation of energy



Prenatal massage and accompaniment at birth



Holistic approach to bodily listening to mental scenarios