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Massage, body and mind care

Carine Cleyet-merle

Massage Therapist

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Massages and energy care offered:

ASCA and RME accreditation offering reimbursement by most complementary insurances



Deep Relaxation Massage, Shiatsu, Hawaiian, Rolfing and Trager

Energy Care

Reiki, deep relaxation and activation of energy



Prenatal massage and accompaniment at birth



Holistic approach to bodily listening to mental scenarios

What they said about my massage…

“Carine has a great feel for what your body needs, to get you in balance, mentally and physically.

She speaks French and English and listens very well to what you say. Merci Carine for your amazing massages “

-Samantha de Charrière

“This lady! She is an intuitive healer. Over the last year, Carine’s Reiki Massage has provided so much nourishing, healing and enlightenment to guide me forward. I feel so full of gratitude for her treatments and insights.

It is hard to convey how special her work is. All I can say, is go and experience her treatments for yourself. #phenomenalwoman #healer”

-Elaine France

“I just had a magical moment with Carine Cleyet-Merle.She puts her hands on the body, listening and being guided by what she feels. So every gesture is right. She seems to have integrated the technique so well that we do not feel it, she just goes where the body is more fragile and needs warmth, care, massages, energy. Time stops, we breathe better, we travel, we calm down, we feel understood, considered, accompanied.Carine Cleyet-Merle has light hands. “Thank you Carine-Blanche of Richemont

A few words about me


I am a passionate French and Canadian massage therapist trained in several re-balancing body work styles. I use a mixture of Rolfing and Trager techniques with trigger point and breath work to create a truly therapeutic experience.

I traveled the world extensively and with over ten years working as a massage therapist, I have collected a wide range of interesting and specialist massage styles.I practice with Lomi-lomi Hawaiian massage shiatsu, Japanese acupressure, pregnancy and baby massage. I also use fascia therapy technique for an efficient, soft and deep release of muscular groups. Finally, I incorporate Reiki to create a complete and holistic therapy.

Relaxation massages (Lomi Lomi and Shiatsu)

Lomi-atsu is a blend of Hawaiian (Lomi Lomi) and Shiatsu massages.
You receive ample and fluid movements of the Lomi particularly relaxing (given with the forearms), associated with directed pressures of shiatsu which improve the circulation of energy thanks to the work on the meridians of acupuncture, while untied the muscular tensions.
Shiatsu belly massage helps detoxify the body.


Deep massages (Rolfing and Trager)

Rolfing Blend: deep massage technique for connective tissues, tendons and deep muscles; combined with the Trager: joint mobilization to lubricate and improve joint range.
The Rebalancing is practiced on 10 sessions of 90 min each working on a specific segment of the body.
The 10 sessions of Rebalancing, just like pure Rolfing, are designed to create a postural adjustment and to integrate a psycho-corporal reflection.